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Real Time Charging Solution enables Service Providers to streamline their operations, focus on subscribers and increase ARPU. The traditional compartmentalized approach of running pre-paid and post-paid systems as separate businesses inhibits business efficiency by removing focus from the subscriber to the technology. Real Time Charging enables communication Service Providers to run their operations as a single business using its real-time, high-volume event handling and seamless subscriber management capabilities.

In case of pre-paid services a voice, data or video session is normally controlled by some network element, for example the Service Control Point (SCP) for an Intelligent Network (IN). The SCP controls the voice or data session and uses the services of some charging and balance management platform to monetize the session and check if there is sufficient balance left for the session to continue. A network element analogous to the SCP of the IN exists for most of the technologies available today or shall be made available for technologies of tomorrow.

Ushacomm, with the wealth of its experience in BSS domain, has also augmented its capability to support pre-paid charging. This enables Ushacomm to cater to the larger and growing pre-paid market with a system capable of handling the changing needs of both pre and post-pay customers for voice, data and video on wire-line or wireless networks.

The RTCS allows real-time authorization and rating of all voice, content and data services. The system imparts intelligence on usage and available wallet balances so as to reduce fraud and plug revenue leakages. It supports real-time session management for next generation 3G and 4G networks. The system has a unique rules-based rating system, which allows the operator to react quickly to the market requirements.

Closely integrated with a session controller – the Session Control Node (SCN), RTCS uses PARLAY as well as the Diameter interface to implement Balance Management and Rating services that the SCN needs to monetize a usage pattern. technology.

Major Features:

  • Parlay Charging SCF interface for the session controller.
  • Highly available through a single fail-over node in an Active Standby configuration; use an in-memory database for balance management and session fail-over.
  • Supports charging for voice, data and content download on the basis or plan or product (e.g. Night Talk Recharge)
  • Supports account hierarchies and common wallet; it can use existing billing system for Customer Administration, SIM management etc.
  • There is an IVR interface for recharging with Vouchers.
  • There is an interface for generating Advice of Charge though the actual service shall depend on the availability of such a service in the network.
  • The real time charging is rule based providing greater flexibility.

RTCS Advantages:

  • Reduced revenue loss

The Ushacomm Real-time Charging Solution (RTCS) helps Service Providers to plug revenue leakages through real-time session control and balance management. Exceptions are raised in the event of failure of service and wallet validation. Comprehensive balance queries and validation of service accounts reduce the risk of fraud.

  • Stay ahead of competition

Powered by a rules-based rating engine, RTCS is able to handle different chargeable (voice, Internet, and content) as well as non-chargeable sessions to monetize the incoming usage records. It is able to maintain different rate structures as well as rating methods.  Rating rules can be built using simple business logic statements and can be implemented on-the-fly.

  • Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Comprehensive real-time capabilities facilitate management of the entire subscriber lifecycle. In keeping with the maxim that the billing system is more of a marketing tool, the solution is able to dish out innovative marketing campaigns and on-the-fly product plans and schemes, thereby boosting the customer lifecycle. Wallet validity can be checked, balances can be updated through synchronized balance management, and top-up reminders can be sent. RTCS supports Dunning action through which the delinquent accounts can be temporarily or permanently deactivated.

  • A powerful revenue enabler

In keeping with the maxim that the billing system is more of a marketing tool, the solution is able to dish out innovative marketing campaigns and product plans and schemes on-the-fly, thereby boosting the customer lifecycle.

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